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Video | Drone

The real estate video provides many advantages to the sector, as it is a medium that enters the clients' homes through the internet, and without leaving home, the client has the alternative of visiting what could become their home, (not to mention the use of drones, which today allow wide possibilities for aerial viewing of properties and their surroundings).

And that's why there is a need for a professional and quality video. A real estate video is intended to arouse the customer's interest; and for that it needs to have some specific characteristics, characteristics that a video professional will know how to use and that will awaken in the buyer client, the purpose of the video: to arouse interest through curiosity, to know the place personally.

The real estate sector is a sector that needs a grandiose sales and marketing strategy, due to the value of the goods traded, the existing competition and the consequent quality of the same. This means that having a good marketing strategy is essential. It is necessary to awaken in the client the emotion, the feeling that he is facing an unmissable possibility. The feeling of being in front of the dream of your life.

We make "walk-through" videos of properties with or without the use of Drone, which we advise mainly in the case of villas, land and other isolated properties. In the case of using a Drone, you will also have access to aerial photographs.

Video | Drone

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