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Jorge Ramos


Born in Lisbon, 1968


Certified Trainer - CCP F648842 / 2016

My base education was in Business Management and i have worked for almost 20 years in companies, in various functions, financial, marketing, sales. I am also graduated in Gastronomy and more recently I have learned a lot about the real estate business.


I have also professional training in Digital Content Management, E-Marketing, as well as several modular training courses in the use of image editing software.

Photography, however, has been present in my life since I was 25 years old, when I adopted it as a hobby (at the time of switching from analogue to digital), a hobby that was taken seriously until it became my main professional activity.


The processing and digital editing came as an addition and I also fall in love with it, perhaps because of the breadth of knowledge they demand. I have solid experience in image editing software and 3D modeling, such as Photoshop, ACR, Ligthroom, 3D Max,

I am passionate about absorbing knowledge and this area gives me that every day. I also intend to pass on what I know in this area to others and continue to learn, to evolve and investigate ... and of course,  creating!


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